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Skin Procedures

Coastal Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Center offers a variety of treatments designed to improve the look, feel, and function of the skin. Led by board-certified plastic surgeon Cassidy Hinojosa, MD, we are dedicated to providing exceptional aesthetic and functional results while also helping patients feel more comfortable and confident. Schedule a consultation today and let us help you love the skin you’re in.

Cyst Removal

Cysts are slow-growing, sac-like pockets of membranous tissue that fill with gaseous, liquid, or semi-liquid materials. They can form nearly anywhere on the body, and when located directly beneath the skin, they often produce a bump or protrusion. Though typically not dangerous, cysts can be physically uncomfortable and cosmetically disruptive when left untreated. Fortunately, Dr. Hinojosa can remove cysts using a simple outpatient procedure during which the cyst is either drained and/or extracted entirely. Multiple cysts can often be addressed during the same visit, and there is usually little to no downtime following treatment.

Lipoma Removal

A lipoma is a fatty lump or tumor which can grow virtually anywhere on the body that has fat cells. Lipomas typically form between the skin’s surface and the underlying muscle, producing a doughy lump that moves easily under pressure. Though generally benign, they can cause both functional and aesthetic discomfort, depending on their location. Dr. Hinojosa can help address uncomfortable or aesthetically undesirable lipomas through surgical excision. The precise details of the procedure will depend on the size and location of the lipoma, as well as patient preferences, but most cases require only a small incision and minimal or no downtime.

Scar Revision

Scars are a natural byproduct of skin or tissue trauma. Unfortunately, scarring can sometimes be aesthetically displeasing, uncomfortable, or even painful depending on factors such as genetics, wound closure methods utilized, or simply one’s natural healing response. Examples of scars that are often considered undesirable include wide and/or thick scars, keloid scars, and hypertrophic scars. During a consultation, Dr. Hinojosa can evaluate your scar(s) to determine the optimal treatment(s). For superficial scarring, non-surgical techniques like silicone gel sheeting and steroid injections may be recommended to promote healing and limit excess collagen production. In other cases, surgical intervention may be a more effective solution. Dr. Hinojosa offers both Z-plasty and primary excision and closure techniques, which can help reduce the visibility of scars for a more discreet and cosmetically pleasing outcome.

Skin Cancer Excision and Reconstruction

Skin cancer is a serious and sometimes deadly disease, making it vital to have malignant tissues removed. In many cases of skin cancer, Dr. Hinojosa is able to eliminate cancerous growths by carefully excising the diseased tissue, followed by reconstructing the area for an optimal aesthetic result. In the event you have already received Mohs micrographic surgery or another skin cancer removal treatment elsewhere, she is also able to use a variety of reconstructive techniques to help address cosmetic and functional concerns that may have resulted. These include local tissue rearrangement, rotation advancement flaps, skin grafts, and other forms of local tissue flaps. During a consultation, Dr. Hinojosa will evaluate your unique case and formulate a treatment plan that best suits your needs.

Skin Care Products

Dr. Hinojosa is proud to offer the ZO® Skin Health line of professional-grade skin care products. Developed by board-certified dermatologists, these luxurious, high-quality products can treat a broad range of skin conditions, including acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and more. There are even products specially formulated for safe use by those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you would like to learn more about our skin care options, or if you have questions about which products are best suited to your needs and goals, Dr. Hinojosa is happy to consult with you.